The Problem Solver

Tell us your business problem and we'll turn it into a solution.

Talent shortages are hurting my business

We have partnered with Women In Trucking, Hiring Our Heroes, and vocational/technical schools to hire the best talent available.

Our extensive recruiting network expands our talent pool every day.

We have launched a driver-for-hire program, in which companies can use our drivers to deliver their goods.

I can't keep up with changing consumer demands

We operate 35 locations across 15 cities in Mexico and manage more than 11,000 border crossings per month.

We manage an extensive cross-dock network across the U.S. and can implement a cross-dock solution in as little as 30 days.

With our value-added services, our customers customize products and packages closer to the point of delivery and respond to fast-changing market and customer demand.

We help you meet tight delivery windows, adjust your fleet during peak seasons, and always have access to drivers.

I don't have enough visibility into my supply chain

We give full visibility into the movement of parts and goods across your supply chain in real time.

I cannot keep up with government regulations

We improve fleet compliance with stringent government regulations such as the CSA, HOS, and EPA.

I'd rather not use my extra capital for transportation

We lease over 231,900 vehicles and manage over $5.2 billion in assets.

My transportation network is inefficient and has unpredictable costs

We can optimize your routes and shipment tracking systems, improving visibility, control, and speed to market.

We can cut down on transportation costs by consolidating loads and optimizing your routes.

We can lower transportation costs through right-sizing your fleet and procuring additional vehicles.

I need to reduce my safety incident rate

We have an industry-best 0.27 accidents per million miles traveled.

I want my operation to be more environmentally friendly

Our approach to sustainability includes innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a commitment to give back to the communities where our people work and live.

With a commitment to sustainable practices and recycling of packing materials and other reusable items, we had one of the ISO 14001 EMS-certified facilities in the nation.