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The influx of patients driving higher demand for supplies, at a time when the industry is experiencing declining reimbursements, creates an environment that is ripe for supply chain transformation. Ryder is an expert in helping businesses rethink their supply chain strategies and can bring its in-depth expertise and proven experience to yours. By introducing LEAN processes that have already transformed supply chains from automotive to retail, Ryder can improve the health of your logistics function and get it operating at peak performance.


We are accredited for HAS TS-01 Rev 2.1 Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices.

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Flexible Networks to meet increased patient demand

Simplicity Optimize your network, improve patient outcomes, and increase sustainability with our integrated solutions

Personalized Suite of drivers, vehicles, routing, and administration


With your supply chain accounting for up to 25% of your operating costs, you cannot afford to be inefficient.  Ryder takes the pain out of supply chain management by creating a closed-loop system between suppliers, manufacturers, healthcare systems, and patients. Our full suite of services can help reduce inventory levels, increase order accuracy, and improve order cycle times, resulting in lower costs while strengthening patient care.

GDPMDS Certification

What is GDPMDS?

GDPMDS refers to Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices. The aim of GDPMDS is to ensure that companies dealing with medical devices have a quality distribution system in place. This ensures that the quality of the medical devices is maintained throughout the storage and distribution process. The certification to GDPMDS is a mandatory requirement in the application of an Importer's or Wholesaler's Licence.

What can Ryder do for you?

Storage and distribution, including transportation of:

  • Active Implantable Devices
  • Anaesthetic and Respiratory Devices
  • Dental Devices
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiation Devices
  • Electro Mechanical Medical Devices
  • Hospital Hardware
  • In vitro Diagnostic Devices
  • Non Active Implantable Devices
  • Ophthalmic and Optical Devices
  • Reusable Instruments
  • Single use Devices