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Cross Border Solutions

Security. Safety. Time. These are the first three things that come to mind when planning to ship goods across international borders. With our international supply chain management services, you’ll be confident you have all three on your side.


Every month we manage nearly 12,000 cross border shipments, and we make sure they go smoothly, without any safety, security, or time concerns. Over 99% of our shipments cross the border with an average crossing time of only 2-4 hours. We even have facilities in key cities on either side of the border, just to be sure that every one of your shipments goes as planned.

With our cross border solutions, you enjoy:

  • Milk runs and consolidation in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada
  • Line-hauls to the border
  • Cross border customs and inspection activities
  • Cross-docking and deconsolidation
  • Final-mile delivery
  • Guaranteed compliance through C-TPAT and BASC certifications, as well as FAST compliant Mexican carriers

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